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Storm Season & Water Leak Mitigation

It’s a scary thing, looking up at your ceiling in your living room and seeing a water stain. Is a pipe leaking in the attic? Is the AC condensation dripping on the drywall? As storm season persists, wind and driving rain can impact the water tight seal on your roof. Small leaks become big problems quickly, so it is important to act fast should you find a leak. Calling ONIT Roofing & Construction should be your first action - but there are some things you can do on your own that can help to minimize damage.

If you have a major leak, and water is starting to build up, you may not want to let it sit. While we can typically come out the very same day to assess the damage, you may need to act fast to minimize damage.

Draining Pockets of Water: If your ceiling is holding water take a screwdriver and poke a hole into the center of the water bulge. This hole will serve as a funnel and pull the water to one location. This prevents the bulge from growing and possibly breaking open at multiple points. This may sound out of your scope - why not wait for the processionals? The truth is, more sheetrock damage means more money to replace it. Water damage can spread to your entire ceiling, so it is best to give the water somewhere else to go as soon as you detect it.

But where is the water supposed to go?

Capturing The Overflow: With the water all flowing through one location, you can use a plastic bin or (recommended) water-tight trash can for larger water leaks. You can dump the excess water outside or in the bathtub (which ever is closer). Keep your bucket handy if the rain is still coming down. After the initial build up, water is still coming in.

Cover Up The Valuables: When it comes to smaller items (like electronics), be sure to move them out of the room. As for furniture or heavier items that can’t easily be replaced, be sure to cover with water resistant tarps.

Identification of a leak usually means there is damage to the exterior of the roof and each type of roof requires different approaches when it comes to temporary solutions. Regardless of the type of roof you have, be aware that pooled water can weaken the surface so you should be careful if you need to go on the rooftop. It is important to know about the various weak points for whatever roofing system you have.

Should I climb up on the roof?

If you are handy with tools and know your way around a roof, you could take it upon yourself to climb up, lay a tarp or plastic to cover the area all the way over the ridge line. This will work temporarily, but it’s not a long term fix!

Be sure to call ONIT Roofing & Construction. We specialize in residential and commercial waterproofing, insulation and roofing solutions and will provide a same-day assessment. But don’t wait for a leak to penetrate your attic space, let us provide a FREE inspection today! 469-498-0151


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