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Roofing Material and Installation Options

There are many different options for our residential customers. When it comes to commercial customers, ONIT Roofing & Construction will work with you to provide the right product to assure your commercial space is water tight, and wind resistant, depending on your needs and location. Here are a few products and services we provide to our commercial customers.

EDPM Roofing

EDPM roofing is known for its superior durability and truly versatile build quality. These tough roofs offer commercial clients the confidence that their roofs will be easy to install, maintain and repair. Plus, with its waterproof and durable material, EDPM roofing has quickly become one of the most popular choices for clients across the state.

Hot Tar Roofs

As one of the mainstays in the building industry for over a century, hot tar roofs have been a popular options with many of our larger commercial customers. Typically, hot tar roofs are built with multiple-ply systems that combine fiberglass-based asphalt and waterproof layers. These tough roofs are dependable and cost effective for any of our commercial roofing clients.

White TPO roofs

Our thermoplastic roof systems are at the cutting edge of the industry, and no matter if you are looking for a seamless roof look or something that is environmentally friendly, these tough roofs are nothing but dependable. TPO roofs are known to be resistant to algae, punctures, fires, extreme weather and are a natural reflector that will help reduce your energy costs. White TPO roofs offer a great mix of durable rubber and hot air weldable seams that create a great option for all our commercial roofing clients

Torch Down Roofs

These tough roofs are very similar to hot tar roofs but add a couple extra layers of protection to flat roofs. With a torch down roof, your roof will combine a large rubber waterproof sheet that is supported by a fiberglass base. ONIT Roofing & Construction offers this service with a two layer or a three-layer option that will help ensure your roof is nothing but perfect.

Metal Roofs

As one of the new leaders in commercial roofing material, metal roofs have been a main-stay in the South and in Texas for generations. These tough roofs can be made from copper, steel or aluminum. Metal roofs are known for their fire resistance and durability, and with a lightweight finish, these roofs are prefect for any building.

Replacement Roofing Services

As one of the premier companies in and around DFW, ONIT Roofing & Construction has been completing replacement roof services since our inception. We provide all of our commercial clients with a variety of options in terms of replacement roofs, including EDPM roofing, Hot Tar Roofs, White TPO Roofs, Torch Down Roofs, Elastomeric Solutions and Metal Roofing systems.

Roof Repair

Repairs are an essential part of our commercial roofing services that we are proud to offer our clients at ONIT Roofing & Construction. Our repair technicians are experts in dealing with rips, tears, punctures and even partial failures. Be sure to have one of our project managers provide you with a detailed assessment of your roof first. You may not need to replace your roof – repairs can often save you thousands!

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